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New forums, new features

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New forums, new features

Post by Yuno on Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:31 am

In this post, I'm going to give a short briefing about the new features we have.

  • Advanced user profile. You can now customise your profile and include more details about yourself.
  • Visitor messaging. Members can now post visitor messages on members' profiles, very much like the wall-posting feature of Facebook.
  • Game info. You can generate a game detail sheet on your profile to display your in-game information.
  • Point system. Members will gain points for their activity on the forums. You will get varying points for posting in different sections.
  • Reputation system. Members gain reputation by earning "Thanks" and positive votes for their posts.
  • Coloured thanked post. Posts that have gained thanks will be coloured to highlight a good/useful post.
  • Scrolling Announcements. Important announcements can now be displayed at the top of the forum.
  • Recent topics module. Recent topics will appear on the left hand side of the forums.
  • Custom smileys/emoticons. The smileys on this forum are all custom-added. If you want to see a particular type of smiley, you can request for it to be added.
  • Advanced text editing. You can further customise your text with the new text editor. You can also change text editors so that you can directly see how the final result looks like. No more need for confusing BBC Codes!
  • Sub-forums. Some topics have sub-forums to keep everything relevant and on topic.
  • Message greetings. A Welcome and Happy Birthday message ( written by admins themselves! ) will be sent to members upon their registration/birthday.
  • Calendar events. You can add an event to the calendar to make sure everyone won't forget it!
  • Topic watching. Add a topic to your watch list to make sure you won't miss anything important!
  • Quick log-in. Less hassle logging in with the quick log-in bar on the homepage!

That's about it I think. I hope that this forum will provide everyone with a better foruming experience and encourage more activity on the forums!

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