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Post by Yuno on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:52 pm

It all started with me and Dany hanging out in my friends' chat pretty much all the time. Dany was still in a clan at the time, but it was a dying clan. About 2 weeks later, Dany left the clan, and I suggested that we could make our own, skilling-based clan.

On November 14th 2010, Dany created the original offsite forum for the clan. On November 16th ( 2 days later ), we created our official clan thread on the RS Official Forums. Our first member was a random guy called Camoflage something, who quit in less than 24 hours, being inexperienced and frustrated with new, small clans. Then, many other people including Raptor W C ( Steve ), Sky Burnt, Kid Wraith, Connie Von and Ocelot1876 joined the SoF family.

Our very first chat moderator for the clan was Sky Burnt/Tyler. He got massive support from members and leaders for the rank. However, he was kicked later on for various reasons. We had Connie Von and xAceofSpades ( Rose ) as chat moderators later on. These 2 have pretty much quit RS, although they were wonderful members of the team.

The first clan event was Penguin hide'n'seek. 5 members of the clan and a friend attended this event. It took us around an hour and 20 minutes to complete it because some members couldn't use teleports and people kept getting lost. We raged alot during the event, but it was overall a fun event.

Our first clan ally was The Crimson Hunters. The alliance was formed on 16 Feb 2011. We were later also allied with Kindhearts Help Clan and The Girls Club.

On 12th April 2011, due to the new clan system overhaul, the clan chat was changed from CcSoF to an official clan under the name SoF.

The clan had its own page on RuneHead since 10th April 2011. We were then added to Runetraxx by Danne Kask on 18th September 2011.

This new site was created on 16th November 2011. It was kept a secret from clan members until its "official release" on 2nd December 2011.

Well, that's about it guys! Feel free to post if I've missed something!

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